Overseas Projects handled by HPI Group

Hydro Power International (Pvt) Ltd. along with the other members of HPI Group of Companies have recently extended their expert services to foreign countries which are in much need for affordable electrical energy. The trust gained throughout the years and the erudite staff has made this possible. HPI group is now serving Rwanda and Burundi, which are in the heart of great Africa.

Trailed by the success of UNIDO projects Ministry of Infrastructure Government of Rwanda (MINIFRA) invited Hydro Power International to design and built 8 different hydro power schemes ranging from Northern Rwanda to Southern Rwanda distributed along its central mountain range. click here for map

Rural electrification level of Rwanda is as low as 1% and 80% of the load is centered at capital city Kigali. The Rwandan government considers rural energy development as a key issue to contribute against the present severe power crisis, to fight against poverty & deserting of countryside due to the lack of basic needs in those remote areas.

Furthermore, inability to expand the grid will be a big barrier in rural electrification. Under these circumstances, it is believed that decentralized off-grid technologies might be the economically viable solution for energy crisis in Rwanda. Since the country is gifted with a huge hydropower potential the priority is given to micro or mini hydro plants. Because of these mitigating factors we have identified Rwanda as a major market place to develop hydro power plants.

Initially HPI will construct eight both grid connected and off grid hydro power plants adding up to 6.35 MW, in Rwanda.

Furthermore, a due diligence term from Burundi comprising Honorable Minister of Rural Development, Honorable Gihimbare Jean Baptiste and General Manager of Hydraulic and Rural Energy, Mr. Fulgence, visited Sri Lanka in July 2005 and awarded a  contract to upgrade Nyamenga Project, Burundi

Expertise of our Engineering Team will Simply make the Impossible......Possible...Just for you.

The Complete list of Projects are as follows. (Click on the link for more information)

Projects in Rwanda


            * Janja

            * Gashashi

            * Mukungwa II

            * Nyirabuhombohonbo

            *  Nyabahanga

            * Nshili I

            *  Ruhwa

            * Rugezi
Projects in Burundi

Nyamenga Project

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